David Beach Sales Representative

Get to Know...

My ideal weekend is…

Hanging out by the pool with family and friends. 

My favourite vacation was…

Myrtle Beach with my family.

A fun fact about me is…

I like to dance.

Aside from real estate, I am extremely passionate about

Home renovations and landscaping, summer in Niagara is best spent outside.

A hidden gem in Niagara is…

The light house in Port Weller, it’s on the Niagara-on-the-Lake side of the Welland Canal, and the walking path to it is as nice as the destination.  


Anthony and David

A native of the Niagara region, born and raised in Port Colborne, now residing with my wife Kristin, in St. Catharines and having been working as a Realtor for over 17 years and Nurse at the Niagara Health System for over 31, has allowed me a very thorough knowledge of not only the Geographical makeup of the Niagara Region, but to grow my network here as well and develop many skills that aid in the success in both industries and on a personal level.


My career in the medical field has allowed me to strengthen my ability to be empathetic, communicate and be understanding proficiently to peoples needs for a diverse demographic, from young to old etc. I feel I can help people through a range of situations and emotions, through sickness and pain or even loss, but always with compassion and their needs as number one priority.


Working in the Real Estate field has similarities and requires corresponding skills. Navigating Buying or Selling a home can be very emotional and a stressful process to undertake. The combination of my work and life experience, knowledge of owning rental properties as well as having completed many renovations, I feel confident I can provide you the competent, client focused experience you deserve.


In addition, I work on a team of three so you get the bonus of supplementary attention if it is required, the Essential Services Team, with my son and cousin, who are also committed to affording you the same experience and bring additional skills, talents and contributions to the table.


“Everyone needs a place to call home. Let us help you find yours…”


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