Claire Burden Broker

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My ideal weekend is…

Any adventure that takes me to the water. As a child growing up, I spent entire summers at our cottage, feet in the water from sun up to sun down.
Nothing brings me more peace than having my feet wet..

One day I’d like to…     

Own a berry farm, raspberries specifically. We have always hosted large family gatherings, welcomed all our children’s friends over and adopted every sad little animal soul that’s crossed our path. A working farm would house them all…lol!

The accomplishment I’m most proud of is…

My 4 beautiful children. I used to say that having children is like being dealt a hand of cards. You never know what you’re going to get, or how it’s going to play out, but ultimately you play it the best you can, with intention, passion and a lot of love. They give me strength and keep me grounded.



Claire comes to McGarr with a wealth of versatile experiences ranging from the hospitality, education and sales industries. She is detail oriented, with a strong focus on communication and organization and the belief that excellence in customer service should always be the standard. 


Her passion for design and development, and her experiences working on construction sites from the initial planning stages of a development to the finished properties her clients get the keys to, means she brings a unique insight to the new construction field.


Claire hails from a family with a long-time involvement in the real estate industry, from rentals to renovations. She resides in St. Catharines with her husband and 3 of her 4 children and is proud to call the region home. She actively volunteers in her community and professional organizations to contribute in whatever way she can to a community she feels blessed to be a part of.


Always available for a coffee and a consultation, Claire is ready to help you with your move, no matter which direction you’re heading in.


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