The Waiting Game - Plan and Reduce the Worry
If you’ve ever purchased or sold a property, you’re familiar with the concept of waiting. One way to make the waiting less painful is to find some coping mechanisms; here’s some suggestions to help the waiting move along a little faster. ...Read More
Selling a Car = Selling a Home
Selling a car = Selling a home. Its simple math! Well, for the most part. Imagine it’s a Saturday morning and you’ve decided its time to sell your car. Do you just plonk a sign in the window and go back inside?
...Read More
Niagara Condos, the Quick Story
The condo market varies from city to city. Toronto is flush with high-rise buildings equipped with concierge, commercial components, hotel suites and incredible amenities. As you travel towards Niagara you’ll find the condo landscape changes to more modest sizes largely due to cost and supply. ...Read More
Selling in the WInter
Tips on how to keep your home ‘show ready’ during the winter months. ...Read More
Preparing to sell? Punch up that curb appeal!
If you are planning to put your home on the market this spring, McGarr Realty has some tips. Before an agent visits your home, punch up its curb appeal to increase its value. The Top 10 list of curb appeal improvements, pulled from various sources, are the following: ...Read More
First mortgage? There are options
You and your partner have saved a down payment, perused the listings at Sally McGarr Realty Corp. and found the home of your dreams. What’s the first step in purchasing a home, once you have connected with the agent? It’s generally a good idea to start with your financial institution. ...Read More
Tidy Tips That Help Sell
Are you planning to sell your home this year? Some indoor and outdoor cleaning may be in order. Your home will be worth more to a potential buyer if it’s move-in ready, the cleaning has been done and there is little in the way of upkeep maintenance to do. ...Read More
The etiquette of house hunting
You’re ready to sell your home - or you are purchasing for the first time - congratulations! This means you will be contacting an agent, attending open houses and booking private viewings. ...Read More

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