If you are planning to put your home on the market this spring, McGarr Realty has some tips.

Before an agent visits your home, punch up its curb appeal to increase its value.

The Top 10 list of curb appeal improvements, pulled from various sources, are the following:

1. Tidy the lawn and gardens, and plant flowers. You may have to spend some time digging out thistles and other weeds, but it will be worth it. Remember to fertilize, seed the lawn and trim any overhanging trees, overgrown or dead shrubbery or hedges.

2. Coat the driveway, if it’s asphalt and shows signs of wear. Fill cracks if possible and edge lawns to create a clean approach. If your driveway is concrete or paving stone, remove weeds and pressure wash to clean away debris and oil stains.

3. Wash the windows. Sparkling panes of glass tell prospective buyers that the home was maintained. Remember to wash the insides, too!

4. Paint the front door and install new hardware if possible. Remove a tired screen door, or if that’s not possible, repair the screen and thoroughly clean or paint the frame.

5. Take down your coach lights or outdoor safety lights and wash the covers. Replace light bulbs as necessary. Add garden lighting to highlight your new, pretty garden where possible.

6. Make sure eavestroughs are clean and clear of debris. It’s amazing how much debris, like leaves and branches, accumulates in the eaves over the winter. You want to make sure you have clear drainage for spring rains.

7. Thoroughly wash and perhaps give a coat of paint to your garage door. It’s a big part of your home’s “face,” and a clean exterior helps welcome potential buyers as they drive up.

8. Banish porch clutter. Keep it simple: Two inviting chairs, a small table and some potted greenery. You want to create an oasis where potential buyers can see themselves enjoying a coffee and reading the paper on a Saturday morning.

9. If your foundation shows signs of wear and tear, patch cracks and apply a coat of paint. Potential buyers can be scared off by a crumbling foundation. The same goes for concrete steps that lead to your porch: Repair, paint and make them safe!

10. Look up: What do you see on the roof? If a recent windstorm blew some shingles off or damaged flashing, make sure you patch, or have any issues examined by a roofer. You don’t want to find out there’s a problem during your home inspection.

Remember, a home that shows well, sells well with McGarr Realty!

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