Keeping a home ‘show ready’ in the summer time usually involves a few hours (or more) of maintenance per week to keep the home looking its absolute best. Your to-do list may include cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, cleaning the pool, painting or touching up exterior details, cleaning front steps and the list goes on.

Once the snow arrives, the chore list still exists…it’s just a different list. Have you ever gone to look at a home where the driveway wasn’t shovelled and the front walk was a virtual roadblock? For that, a lot of buyers will say “skip it!” and head on to the next home.

No showing = no offer!

With cold and inclement weather, as a seller, you actually have a chance to increase the appeal of your home. Lets set the scene : its minus 10 outside and the time is 7:15pm so of course its pitch black out. The buyers are nearing their limit with looking at homes. Their feet are cold, their Starbucks is empty and they’re hungry.

Then they pull up to your home.

A clear, shovelled driveway and walkway welcome them. The front light casts a pleasant glow on the front porch guiding them easily to your front door. Then, they enter the front door to a warm, welcoming foyer or living area. Your home already has an instant advantage over the previous home, simply because you have made the effort to prepare.

Your home is the film and you are the Director.

Apply the same time you would spend in the summer on grass cutting and garden weeding and apply it to shovelling and other winter maintenance and you’re home will already have points in the win column.

And one more tip: don’t put down that shovel quite yet! If you have a deck or beautiful concrete patio, make sure the buyers can see it. You may have a gorgeous outdoor space that is hiding under 3 inches of snow. Make sure it is clear and visible.

For more tips and ideas on how to properly prepare your home for the market in ALL months of the year, make sure to contact your local, independent Brokerage with a global reach.

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