If you have ever purchased or sold (or both) a property, you are familiar with the concept of waiting. Waiting to see the house. Waiting for showings. Waiting for offers. Waiting for a signback. Waiting for the inspection. Waiting to hear back from your mortgage broker. Waiting to flip the sign to sold. Waiting to show your parents through the house. Waiting for the movers. Waiting for the call from the lawyer.

In general, waiting for the waiting to end.

One way to make the waiting less painful is to find some coping mechanisms that will help the waiting move along a little faster.

We asked some recent clients of our brokerage and received some great answers. They included….

A walk on the lakefront trail. A game of golf. Tennis. Squash. Go to a movie. Go see a band. Play in a band. Yoga. Go for a run along the canal path. Take a long bubble bath. Paint a picture. Read a book. Go see the Symphony at the Performing Arts Centre. Visit with family. Visit with grandchildren. 

If you are moving and about to embark on the waiting journey, we would strongly suggest that you follow the lead of these people and find the activities that help you maintain your calm.

Another way to look at it is think of the last time you took a flight to go away on vacation. If you have a 2 hour wait for your flight, do you stand and pace back and forth at the gate? Or do you plan ahead and bring books, iPad, magazines, drinks, food, games and a fully charged mobile phone to help pass the time?

If you are dealing with the real estate waiting game, plan ahead. Be ready. You’ll be glad you did.

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