Obstacles and issues can get in the way of any transaction. A (big) surprise, unfulfilled promise or a miscommunication can all lead to a roadblock.

In real estate, obstacles can cause instant pause in a buyer. The issues may be small and easily overcome or they may be large, “oh no, don’t look in the attic” type of issues. Either way, they all combine to slow down the process.

Take away obstacles and your chance for success only increases.

As a seller, try to put on your buyer shoes. How much would you be willing to overlook or endure in order to move forward on the purchase of a home? A 40 year old master bathroom? Broken bedroom door? Cracked rec room window? Fuscia dining room walls?

Every buyer is armed with a set of expectations. Most are reasonable while the rest are less reasonable. Your job as a seller (with the help of your McGarr REALTOR®) is to consider your options and make a decision on how to best deal with them. Or, if you are really even willing to deal with them.

If the walls of your home are 97% covered in wallpaper, be prepared to have “the wallpaper talk”.  Same goes for a 39 r old furnace, leaky basement, broken ceramic tiled floor, crumbling asphalt driveway, 40 yr old light fixture in the foyer and the non-functioning garage door. There are clearly different levels of concern with each issue however anticipating obstacles will at least allow you to be prepared.

But again, large or small, perceived or real, these obstacles are what they are. If you see them, a buyer will likely see them. The good news is that there are often creative, simple ways to resolve an issue that may otherwise be blown out of proportion and cause problems later on. 

“It’s just wallpaper. It’s no big deal to deal with.”

“That furnace works fine. We’ve never had a problem with it.”

“If someone wants to replace that tub, they can do it.”

These are commonly heard seller comments. While completely understandable, this approach can be a costly way to deal with things. Often times an otherwise inexpensive and simple fix can resolve an issue or eliminate a buyer’s reason not to buy.

Sound simple? Well it is and it isn’t. Having a discussion and a plan to prepare your home for market is a crucial part of the process.

Strategy is key.

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