Couple planning their selling process with their Realtor®
Selling seems simple... but is it really as easy as you think? Our expert team at McGarr Realty takes the guesswork out of this process with our trusted knowledge of selling homes in St. Catharines and surrounding areas. ...Read More
McGarr's Top 3 Realtors for June 2019!
Presenting our Top 3 Realtors for June - Randy Hart, Marlene Ouwendyk & William Miller. Congratulations to all for another great month! ...Read More
Home with pool and outdoor living space.
You want a yard you can be comfortable in, right? Not a gardener? Don't need acres of open space? Want privacy, but hate mowing the lawn? Our McGarr Realty team needs to know these things before we start searching for your perfect family home. ...Read More
Woman enjoying summer festival
It's nearly summertime, and that means getting out and about for family fun! Whether you have relatives visiting from out of town or simply want to take in some theatre with your nearest and dearest, the McGarr Realty team has come up with a few suggestions to help you plan your time together. ...Read More
McGarr's Top 3 Realtors for May 2019!
Presenting our Top 3 Realtors for May - William Miller, Sally Miller & Geoffrey Pawson. Congratulations to all for a great month! ...Read More
Woman shopping at local clothing store
As a boutique real estate brokerage in St. Catharines, serving the entire Niagara region, we love to support other small businesses like ours! From boutique-style restaurants, to tiny wineries just starting out, to home contractors and florists, we strive to help other small businesses succeed! ...Read More
77 Yates Street
Destined to become St. Catharines’ most prestigious address, the condominium residences at 77 Yates St. offer the ultimate in luxury lifestyle living. ...Read More
McGarr's Top 3 Realtors for April 2019!
Presenting our Top 3 Realtors for April - William Miller, Sally Miller & Marlene Ouwendyk (again). Congratulations to all for a great month! ...Read More
Landscaping and Curb Appeal
When your home has great curb appeal and it’s located in picturesque St. Catharines or Niagara, McGarr Realty will have you planting that ‘sold’ sign in no time. ...Read More
Man sitting in car commuting to work
Is commuting from Niagara to the GTA for work worth the hassle? At McGarr Realty we think so, and we'd love to tell you why. ...Read More
McGarr's Top 3 Realtors for March 2019!
Presenting our Top 3 Realtors for March - Laura Morlacchetti, Marlene Ouwendyk (again) & Kim Schwenker. Congratulations to these amazing ladies. Your hard work and dedication surely shines through.
...Read More
Spring flowers budding through thawing snow.
We've heard it said before that spring weather brings about wanderlust in some families: Time to dust off the packing crates and move along. Here’s the big question: Why? ...Read More
Top 12 Ways to be a Good Neighbour on Moving Day
It doesn't take much effort to make your good neighbourhood better. A little effort on everyone's part can turn living next door to strangers into living next door to friends. ...Read More
McGarr's Top 3 Realtors for February 2019!
We are happy to announce our Top 3 Realtors for February. A big congratulations to Shaun Thoms, Marlene Ouwendyk (again) and Kymberley McKee. ...Read More
McGarr Realty Ensures Your Closing Day Goes Smoothly
Not only will we make sure you know what’s happening from start to finish, we'll be there in person every step of the way. ...Read More

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