As we head into fall, it’s time to pull out those rakes and prepare for the coming winter.

While many of us are reluctant to say goodbye to summer, now is the ideal time for doing home maintenance projects to protect your home. Otherwise, you risk damage and problems that could worsen in the winter season. 

Here are our tips for maintaining your home during the autumn season.

Seal Your Home

There’s nothing pleasant about feeling a draft inside your home on a cold winter’s day. And since wear and tear occur from season to season, sealing your home should be a regular part of home maintenance.  

We recommend taking advantage of the milder autumn weather to caulk around openings, particularly windows where there is a lot of heat loss. Look for the areas where existing caulking is peeling or has been worn away.

It’s also worth checking other openings, such as dryer vents and pipes that run outside your house. And inspecting these openings can help keep those pesky critters like mice from finding an entry into your home.

Checking your weather stripping around doors and windows should also be on the list. You’ll want to look for any sections where the stripping has ripped or pulled away from the surface. 

Inspect Exterior Areas

Another important part of maintenance is inspecting your home’s exterior for any potential issues that could cause serious damage during the winter. This includes checking your roof for water damage or leaks. You’ll also want to look for any missing shingles, which could cause future leaks if not repaired. If you are not comfortable with going up there yourself, contact a professional company that can assess your roof for repairs. 

It’s also good to inspect your exterior siding to ensure there are no broken sections or damaged bricks. As you’re inspecting, check the soffit and fascia for any rotten sections, holes, or leaks. Doing this inspection can help prevent the need for critical home improvement repairs into the spring.

Clean Out Eavestroughs 

Though cleaning gutters is not the most fun job to do, it makes a big difference in protecting your home into the fall. Keeping eavestroughs clear of leaves and debris will prevent water from getting trapped and backing up into your roofline. It also prevents small animals from nesting in the leaves.

Drain Outside Faucets

One task we tend to forget is draining the outdoor faucets. You’ll want to make sure you drain all the outdoor water lines to protect your pipes from freezing and cracking. After shutting off the water valves to the outside, drain the water from the faucets and disconnect garden hoses.

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