A pair of hands wearing rubber gloves, wiping tabletop with a cloth and holding a spray bottle
Looking to sell your home? Get your home ready and presentable with these spring-cleaning tips, and make it happen fast! ...Read More
Market 2022
2022 seems to have been a year of adjustment that we think was much needed after so much upheaval. We started out with an unpredictable market, accompanied by a significant increase in price in the region, a very limited supply, and a prosperity possibility for sellers, then saw a complete slowdown of buyer market activity that brought the market to a more reasonable balance. It has been an exciting, interesting year, and we can not wait to share with you our 2022 Market Report! ...Read More
A modern living room with a TV, pink sectionals, a wooden dining table, and deep green chairs
A comprehensive guide to interior design trends in 2023. Get inspired for your design projects of the year and take a step closer to your dream home! ...Read More
Home renovation tools laid out on a grass surface to create a shape of a house
Expert tips on what parts of the house to repair before you put it on the market. Make your home more appealing for buyers and sell it fast! ...Read More
Niagara Horseshoe Falls in winter with double rainbows
From a fun-filled icewine festival and outdoor skating to many indoor options, check out our list of activities you can enjoy in Niagara this winter. ...Read More
For sale sign in front of a large house on a snowy surface
Supply and demand determine whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Find out what you can expect in Niagara’s real estate market in 2023. ...Read More
5 DIY Holiday Ideas to Make Your Season Bright
The holiday season is a perfect time to get into DIY crafts. As real estate professionals serving St. Catharines, Niagara and beyond, McGarr loves helping you improve your home. Here are 5 DIY holiday crafts for you to get into. ...Read More
Real Estate Selling Mistakes to Avoid this Winter
Putting your homes up for sale during the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. Niagara Region may have harsh Ontario winters to deal with but avoiding these winter selling mistakes will make sure your home still sells for top dollar. ...Read More
5 Simple Home Improvement Tips for the Holidays
The holiday season is a great time for small home improvements. As real estate professionals servicing Niagara, St. Catharines, Pelham and beyond, McGarr is here with 5 tips to help you update your home this winter. ...Read More
Festival of Lights Reindeer
The Winter Festival of Lights has returned for its 40th anniversary! As a trusted cornerstone of the Niagara Region real estate market, we’ve put together this blog to help you get to know the area. ...Read More
Fresh seafood oysters
Have you been looking at real estate in Niagara but aren’t where you’ll head for food once you move? This article will help you get to know five awesome spots to enjoy in Pelham. ...Read More
Woman pushing boy in wheel barrow
The Niagara Region real estate market boasts some of the best outdoor spaces we know of, yet many of us aren’t aware of how much potential we have! This blog will help you use the fall season to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. ...Read More
Trucking holding sign and pumpkins
The weather is cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to change colours. It’s officially fall! In the spirit of this wonderful season, we thought we’d share some fun local activities to add to your autumn bucket list. ...Read More
Students raising hands in classroom
Summer is often considered the best time for a family to move – the weather is nice, and since school isn’t in session, it gives your young ones plenty of time to warm up to their new environment. There are several things you can do as parents to ensure their move during school season is a walk in the park. ...Read More
Person Inspecting - Home Appraisals
In order for buyers to be approved for a mortgage, an appraisal must be done to confirm the sale price for the lender. For sellers, a good appraisal is imperative to ensure they receive the best price for the house. ...Read More

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