The Niagara Real Estate market is fierce in the spring. It can be difficult to set your home apart from the dozens of others on the market. A clean house is the first impression you give to prospective buyers. It's the first thing they see, and whether or not they like it, can make or break your sale. A dirty house will make them wonder why you weren't motivated enough to get rid of the clutter and keep it clean. A clean house will make them think that you're an organized person who cares about their property. When potential buyers walk through your home, they're going to notice if there are any spots on the walls or ceilings where paint has flaked off or if there are scuffs on the floorboards. They'll also be able to tell if you haven't cleaned under your furniture or vacuumed under beds and dressers—and those things will make them less likely to want to buy your house. Follow these simple steps to spring cleaning and watch the offers roll in!

Declutter and organize

A clean house also has benefits beyond just making a good impression on potential buyers. If your home is less cluttered, then it'll be easier to find things when you're showing your home. You don't necessarily need a professional organizer for this—just make sure that every item in your house has a place. Don't be afraid to make some tough decisions about what you need to keep and what should go—you can always buy a few more things later if you need them. Once you've gotten rid of anything that's not essential, it's time to organize everything that is left in the house.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips:

-Start with the kitchen. Buy some storage containers & declutter all your cupboards and drawers and wipe them down. This will show off the space better than messy cupboards ever could! Also consider adding a new coat of paint if you've been meaning to update the colour scheme in there.

-Next up is the bathroom(s). Wipe down all surfaces, including mirrors, toilets, faucets, and tubs/showers/tubs. Don't forget about dusting ceiling fans! You might also want to replace any old towels or linens with new ones—it's amazing what a difference this can make when buyers are looking at your home!

-Finally, move on to bedrooms and closets. Make sure there aren't any stray clothes lying around that shouldn't be there (for example: an old pair of shoes in the closet). Clear out any clutter from dresser drawers so that everything looks neat and tidy. Make sure that all your closets are organized, and that you have designated spots for items like shoes and coats. Keep all your drawers neat, orderly, and free of clutter. Do whatever it takes: get rid of old magazines or newspapers if they're cluttering up space; put away knick-knacks; put all books on shelves or in bookcases; clean out junk drawers; etc. You can even try organizing the items in your garage if you have one!

Deep clean

A clean house shows better. It's always a good idea to deep clean your house before you put it on the market, it will show better, and make it seem like you take pride in your property, which is exactly what you want potential buyers to think about you as well. We know, we know, you're busy, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning when you could be spending that time relaxing or working on a hobby. But hear us out: A clean house shows better, and that means it will sell faster and for more money. You always have the option of hiring professional cleaners but there are plenty of ways to deep clean your house without breaking the bank or losing your mind: Start with a good scrubbing of floors and walls, vacuum thoroughly and dust everything that can be dusted (including ceiling fans!), deep-clean kitchen & bathrooms, everything from fixtures to floors, and give them a fresh coat of paint if necessary. The rest will fall into place!

Don’t forget the exterior

When it comes to selling a home, curb appeal is important. Your potential buyers will judge their first impressions of your property based on what they see from the street. So, if you want to maximize your chances of getting a good offer, make sure that everything looks pristine from the outside. Follow these tips to ensure the exterior of your home is ready for showings:

Do a quick inspection

Check for cracks in the foundation and other signs of damage or neglect. If there are issues, have them repaired before showing your house to make sure potential buyers don't notice them.

Clean up any messes outside

If there are toys or other items lying around that don't belong to you, move them off main pathways and into storage so they aren't in sight when people come look at your home.

Get out the pressure washer

It’s been a long winter and no doubt, your siding is showing it! Give it a good spray down and also make sure all windows are clean, so they reflect well on the interior quality of your home.

Plant some flowers!

Plants add life and colour to an otherwise bland space—not to mention they help clean the air! And if you've got new ones planted, it'll give potential buyers an idea of how much care you put into maintaining your property (which suggests how much care you take with everything else). So go ahead and plant some!

Your house is your castle. It's your safe space, where you can relax and be yourself. It's where memories are made, and time spent with loved ones is treasured. When it comes time to selling your home, you want potential buyers to imagine their own happy life in it. That's why we recommend our spring-cleaning tips and putting your best foot forward, by cleaning up, making repairs, and generally making the property as appealing as possible so when a buyer shows up at your door, the first thing they see is how well-kept the property looks.

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