A modern living room with a TV, pink sectionals, a wooden dining table, and deep green chairs
A comprehensive guide to interior design trends in 2023. Get inspired for your design projects of the year and take a step closer to your dream home! ...Read More
For sale sign in front of a large house on a snowy surface
Supply and demand determine whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Find out what you can expect in Niagara’s real estate market in 2023. ...Read More
As you watch your friends and family members prep their pools for the warm weather, you may be wondering, is it time I invest in a pool? But before you call the contractors or relocate to a home with a pool, there are some things you should consider. ...Read More
Father Playing with Son
After your child has begun to process the move, take them for a tour around the new neighbourhood! Show them the house (if you can), take them by their next school or daycare centre, explore nearby landmarks—parks, libraries, entertainment or recreational spots, etc. ...Read More
Two People Socializing with Coffee on Table
Who doesn't like coffee especially during the cold winter season? Learn about these outstanding coffee shops across the Niagara Region! ...Read More
Fireworks in Niagara
While this market is a blessing for sellers, it is important to understand the many factors that influence these fluctuations. Learn more here! ...Read More
Aerial of Residential Homes
While some people can spontaneously pack up their belongings and move halfway across the world, most of us feel better with a little more preparation. Like most big life changes, moving to another neighbourhood or city requires good planning and a lot of research. ...Read More

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