Searching for a new home can be a stressful time in any family’s life.

With use of the internet, getting out and looking for a home to buy has been made a little easier. When you visit our McGarr Realty website or use, you can add filters to customize your search, getting information in advance of visiting open houses.

However – and here’s where the big stress comes in, because of the money involved – making that decision to put in an offer usually has to be done quickly, so you and your partner need to be on the same page regarding the home and how suitable it is for you and your family

At McGarr Realty, our team of experts always tells our family of clients that it helps us immensely to have a wish list of features you want your home to contain.

Move-in ready? Number of bedrooms? Finished basement? Awesome HVAC system? Pool? Big backyard? Garden? Double garage?

Having details on the kinds of features you are seeking helps our McGarr Realty team find you as perfect a family home as we can. We’ll get as close as possible to what you want, then help you to come up with compromises you can handle.

Take the backyard, for example. Our McGarr Realty team hears from a lot of families that they want “space to relax;” “a place to host an awesome Canada Day barbecue;” “for kids to play,” or “to grow a few tomatoes.” We know you can get all those things in any yard, and it won’t have to be enormous, either.

Since summer is the best time to see a potential new home’s yard at its best, now is the perfect time to be searching for a yard that fits well with your family’s wish list.

Sure, there are dream yards already out there, but when you think about it, even a plain, old rectangle-shaped yard, fenced and with a back patio or deck, is really the perfect blank canvas for creating the yard of your very own dreams. So what if there’s no shed, no pool, no garden? You can take a little time to customize the space to your family’s needs, adding features as you decide on the ones you want most!

With just a patio, an umbrella table and a barbecue, you can still host the perfect Canada Day barbecue. After all, your family and friends aren’t coming to see the yard – they are coming to see you! It’s the gathering of people; the children playing; good music; great food and the laughs you’ll enjoy together that make your backyard the perfect place to be.

Once you have decided to put in that offer, you can build your dream yard’s financial needs into it, or into your financing plans.

A family home and potential dream yard are out there… at McGarr Realty, we can help you find it!


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