Woman standing holding decorative miniature home in snowy weather
Winter is coming! To avoid broken pipes, frozen plumbing, indoor teeth chattering and atrocious gas and energy bills, do yourself a favour and winterize your home before the real cold weather arrives. ...Read More
Niagara Horseshoe Falls in winter with double rainbows
From a fun-filled icewine festival and outdoor skating to many indoor options, check out our list of activities you can enjoy in Niagara this winter. ...Read More
Real Estate Selling Mistakes to Avoid this Winter
Putting your homes up for sale during the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult. Niagara Region may have harsh Ontario winters to deal with but avoiding these winter selling mistakes will make sure your home still sells for top dollar. ...Read More
5 Simple Home Improvement Tips for the Holidays
The holiday season is a great time for small home improvements. As real estate professionals servicing Niagara, St. Catharines, Pelham and beyond, McGarr is here with 5 tips to help you update your home this winter. ...Read More
Festival of Lights Reindeer
The Winter Festival of Lights has returned for its 40th anniversary! As a trusted cornerstone of the Niagara Region real estate market, we’ve put together this blog to help you get to know the area. ...Read More

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