Festival of Lights Reindeer
The Winter Festival of Lights has returned for its 40th anniversary! As a trusted cornerstone of the Niagara Region real estate market, we’ve put together this blog to help you get to know the area. ...Read More
Trucking holding sign and pumpkins
The weather is cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to change colours. It’s officially fall! In the spirit of this wonderful season, we thought we’d share some fun local activities to add to your autumn bucket list. ...Read More
Variety of Organic Vegetables from Farmer's Market
One-stop shops for locally grown fruit, vegetables and flowers can be found around every corner in Niagara. They also offer us an excellent way to become more immersed in our local communities. Here’s a look at some of our favourite farmers’ markets in the Niagara Region. ...Read More
Aerial View of the Niagara Region
Did you know the region is also home to a cider house, an ice cream parlour with ice cream made on-site, and a woodsy paradise with tree house structures? There’s a lot more to Niagara than what meets the eye. To help you discover its true charm and wonder, we’re sharing 5 of the region’s hidden gems. ...Read More
Realtor Showing Young Couple a House
Buying versus renting, what's better? In truth, the answer comes down to your unique life situation. Why? Because factors like where you live, your lifestyle, your financial state, and your future plans all play an important part in whether buying a home makes sense for you. ...Read More

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