Walking into Condo
Condo life certainly sounds appealing during this time of year, doesn't it? Fortunately there are luxurious new condo developments right here in Niagara!
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Front Entrance Home
What comes to mind when you think of luxury homes in St. Catharines and Niagara? In the past, the notion of a luxury home was reserved for the stunning mansions along the parkway on Niagara River Road. ...Read More
Grape and Wine Festival
If you've never been to the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, you don’t know what you're missing! The annual Grape and Wine Festival has been a fixture of St.Catharines for almost 70 years. ...Read More
77 Yates Street
Destined to become St. Catharines’ most prestigious address, the condominium residences at 77 Yates St. offer the ultimate in luxury lifestyle living. ...Read More

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