There’s a good reason why home organization and cleaning are trending right now: because tidying up truly can spark joy!

While cleaning your home may not be your favourite pastime, it can make for a happier home and a happier you! So, the next time you’re thinking about putting off tidying for another day, consider these health benefits of a clean home.

Good for Your Physical Health

In a study by Indiana University, people who keep their homes tidy are more healthy and active than people with messy houses. Though we tend to assume that we have to get outside to be active, this research shows just how much you can benefit from activities like doing laundry, cleaning and dusting. So, crank up those tunes, pull out your vacuum and get moving!

Keeping your home clean also helps ward off germs that can make you sick. By cleaning with a disinfectant, you can eliminate up to 98% of germs and protect you and your family from being exposed to illnesses.

If you suffer from asthma and allergies, regularly cleaning your home can make a significant difference in the air you breathe. Frequent vacuuming keeps down on the dirt and dander that gets tracked in from outside.

Improves Your Mental Well-Being

With many of us working remotely, the state of our home can have a direct impact on our mental health. The clutter around our workspace can make it difficult to focus on our work. Try spending some time organizing your space so that you can return to your work with a renewed focus. 

A messy house can also increase our stress levels and fatigue. It can be incredibly frustrating to look for things we need when everything’s a mess. Having a disorganized home can make you feel like you can never relax. 

While there are many methods to organize and tidy your home, we recommend finding what works best for you! Maybe you like to do small 30-minute bursts to keep your home tidy. Or, perhaps you prefer to do one big overhaul to get everything in order. There’s no wrong way as long as you’re able to maintain a clean space. 

No matter what your method is for a clean home, you’ll feel the health benefits! You’ll be able to relax in an organized space that brings you a sense of calm rather than chaos.

Better Care for Your Home

Good cleaning habits also result in having a home that’s well cared for. By keeping your home tidy, you’ll be able to spot damage or areas that need repair.

And as the real estate market begins to pick up in the spring, can we just say that having a clean and tidy home is a particularly good idea? If you anticipate viewings and interest in your house for sale, it’s never too early to get a head start in organizing and tidying your home! 

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