It’s a typical day and you’re out running errands. You’re on your way into the grocery store when you run into a familiar face: a REALTOR® you know. It seems like there’s a lot of them around town these days, doesn’t it?

In a busy real estate market like the Niagara region, it’s not uncommon to run into many REALTORS® when you’re out and about. But with so much choice, it can be hard to decide who to work with for your real estate needs. 

At McGarr Realty, we understand how big of a decision this can be. Whether you’re looking at houses for sale in St. Catharines, or to sell a property, you want to make sure you have the best REALTOR® in your corner, one who can support you during the process and negotiate on your behalf. 

One of the best ways to help you make the right decision is by having conversations with a few REALTORS® before signing an agreement. Interviewing potential real estate agents will help you to find a REALTOR® who meets your unique needs. 

But what questions should you ask? Here are some things to consider when deciding on a REALTOR®: 

  • How many years of experience does the agent have in buying and selling properties?

Not all REALTORS® are the same. Some will have more expertise than others when it comes to buying or selling properties in your specific area. If you’re looking for an agent to sell your house in St. Catharines or Niagara, don’t be afraid to ask them about their track record for selling real estate in your neighbourhood. Or, if you’re looking at houses for sale in St. Catharines and would like the assistance of an agent to assist, make sure they are up-to-date about the current market in the area where you intend to buy.

  • How many clients is the REALTOR® currently working with?

Ask the agent about their current client load, as this will help you determine their time commitment to your selling or buying needs. Does the REALTOR® work independently or as part of a team? Inquiring about the agent’s work approach will provide you with a better idea of how involved your agent will be, and whether you’ll be working with additional sales representatives.

  • Do they have references for you to review?

Like a job interview, REALTORS® should be able to provide references from clients who have used their services. Agents with a history of exceptional service won’t have a problem with connecting you to past clients who are satisfied with their experience.

  • What is the agent’s marketing plan to sell your home?

If you’re selling your home, an experienced REALTOR® will be able to create a solid plan for marketing your property. McGarr Realty offers a free consultation so you’ll know exactly how we intend to sell your Niagara or St. Catharines home. Learn more about what we can offer HERE.

  • How will they communicate with you?

The real estate market moves fast, and you’ll need a REALTOR® that is on top of their game when it comes to negotiating the best price for you. Ask your real estate agent about how they’ll contact you with any news or last-minute changes so you can feel confident that you’ll be able to reach them if something is time-sensitive.

At McGarr Realty, our experienced REALTORS® are always ready for an interview! It’s one of the ways we assure our clients that they’ve made the right choice to work with us. 

We know how important experience is: we’ve been in the real estate business for over 30 years! We continually educate ourselves about the changing trends of the housing market to ensure you have the most up-to-date information when making a decision to buy or sell a home. And, we practice our negotiating skills to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcomes of your Niagara or St. Catharines real estate transactions.


Give us a chance to impress you with our expert knowledge of real estate in the Niagara region.

Contact our office at 905-687-9229 in St. Catharines, or 905-468-9229 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Or send us a message via our contact page, HERE.

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