If you’re considering updates to improve the sale of your home, we have a bright idea: invest in great home lighting! (Can we get a watt watt?)

Corny puns aside, when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your home, the power of lighting can’t be understated. Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that something was off? Likely, the lighting wasn’t right for the room. The wrong level of brightness can make a room feel overly cold, while the wrong light fixtures can make a room too dark. Our McGarr Team has put together a few tips to help you design the best lighting for your home based on current trends. Let’s shed some light on this, shall we? 

If you follow design trends, you’ve surely noticed how popular geometric shapes have become in home design. From geometric-shaped shelves to hexagon backsplashes, this design trend has saturated the market. While we recommend that you review your lighting fixtures to see if they need an update, we’d advise not jumping on this latest fad. We suggest choosing a different shape such as a rounder style that will keep your home looking modern when the geometric trend starts to wane.

Industrial light fixtures have also grown popular throughout the past few years. The minimal aesthetic of industrial design can work in many spaces if they are paired with the right bulbs. You’ll often see industrial light fixtures with Edison bulbs. Not only does this add to the retro look but they offset the cold feeling of the fixtures. While these bulbs can add warmth to your room, we do suggest the less is more approach. Even warm lighting can be too much at times, making you feel tired. Opt for a more balanced temperature in spaces where you want to stay focused and alert.

Pot lights have grown in popularity and for very good reason! This style of home lighting can be functional in every room of your home, from your bathrooms to your basements. We love these lights because they are versatile and affordable. Pot light dimmers enable you to adjust your lighting based on what you need, making them an appealing feature for potential homebuyers. One tip we share with our sellers if they are planning on installing pot lights is to make sure they are well spaced to avoid having too many shadowed areas.

For kitchens, you may have noticed that current designs have shifted away from the traditional ceiling lights in favour of softer touches that illuminate the room. Under-cabinet lighting is practical for everyday use while adding warmth to your space. For added lighting, pendant lights over a kitchen island can create a contemporary look while putting the spotlight on one of the most requested features on homebuyers’ wish lists. They are also a nice feature for showcasing the beauty of custom countertops.

Whether you settle on geometric, industrial, or a little homier, McGarr Realty encourages you to invest in great lighting and tailor the ambiance of your home.

If you need some advice on what upgrades to make, our McGarr Team is ready to help! Our REALTORS® offers a complimentary market analysis that includes a pre-listing consultation to increase your home’s value. We can provide you with tips and suggestions that will make your home stand out in the Niagara real estate market.

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