Homes with in-law suites are a popular option for many home buyers because of the versatility of these spaces. As a secondary area to the primary residence, an in-law suite is an independent space with a separate kitchen and bathroom. In-law suites can be used for multiple purposes, making them an appealing feature when searching for real estate. Whether you’re looking as an individual or as part of a large family, these suites can be a great option to consider when purchasing a home.

For newer homeowners, in-law suites can bring in additional income to help with expenses. With the proper licences and permits, these suites can be designated as rental apartments. Our McGarr Realty team works with many first-time homebuyers who are considering this option as a way to offset their mortgage payments. This enables them to pursue their goal of homeownership with a budget-friendly option.

For growing families, the secondary suite is a perfect space for live-in nannies. For parents who require extra help, the possibility of having a nanny at the same residence can be a welcome relief. It’s almost like having your own Mary Poppins just a door away! The investment in this extra space can be worth it when you consider how your childcare costs can be offset by providing living accommodations.

If your kids are older and plan to attend college or university, an in-law suite can help you avoid that empty nest! Having a basement apartment may entice your teenager to attend a post-secondary institution nearby. Think of the costs you’ll save from not having to pay for an expensive dorm residence. And you’ll be able to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re staying focused on school!

Alternatively, if you have aging parents, an in-law suite is a smart option to accommodate these life changes. You can feel assured that your parents are OK without making them feel like they’re losing their independence. For seniors on a reduced income, a granny suite is both affordable and low maintenance. A small space means less upkeep, but they can still have the benefits of a backyard to enjoy.

With so many advantages of in-law suites, let our McGarr Realty team help you find the home that fits your life. We can help you find the perfect house for sale in St. Catharines or Niagara, no matter how many of you there are!

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