Selling seems simple... but is it really as easy as you think?

In reality, there are many things to consider when listing your house for sale. How much are houses selling for in your neighbourhood? How does your house compare to those currently on the market? What are the best ways for you to attract potential buyers? With so many factors to think about, it can be hard to know how to move forward with selling your home.

Our expert team at McGarr Realty takes the guesswork out of this process with our trusted knowledge of selling homes in St. Catharines and surrounding areas.

So, what’s the first step to a smooth and successful sale? Initially, it’s about having a conversation with your McGarr Realtor® so we can do some homework about your house and its location.

A financial and market analysis of your home and neighbourhood can provide you with valuable information about how to position your house on the market. An analysis will include useful information about how to price your house effectively and can include:

  • An evaluation of current housing trends in your neighbourhood based on the desirability of its location. The listing price of your home is influenced by several things, such as its closeness to amenities like shopping centres, schools and parks. The history of your neighbourhood is important to consider, too. Is your home located in a well-established neighbourhood where houses retain their value? Or is your home in an up-and-coming area where property values are steadily increasing? 
  • A comparison of homes that have sold in your neighbourhood. A financial analysis of your house will look at the pricing of nearby homes that share similarities in their age, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and yard size.
  • An overview of house upgrades that are attractive to prospective buyers. Renovations to your home can make it stand out on the market and help you sell it faster. Take note of the recent updates you’ve made to your home, as it could result in a higher listing price.

Our knowledgeable team at McGarr Realty offer a complimentary full market report that will assist you in deciding on the best pricing strategy for your home. We also offer consultations to help you increase the value of your home before it’s listed on the market.

Once we’ve worked together to research and decide what price to list your home, the rest seems simple, right? Think again. Another important step in selling your home is working with your REALTOR® to create a marketing plan. The marketing plan is strategically put together to attract prospective buyers and getting that “SOLD” sign on your front lawn.

When developing a marketing plan, we’ll consider such things as:

  • Staging: Properly staging your home can help you showcase your home’s best features to prospective buyers. This may include rearranging furniture or updating home decor to help attract buyers. We’ve seen time and again how a little staging can go a long way in helping your home sell more quickly.
  • Photos: As it’s so often said, a picture is worth a thousand words. McGarr Realty uses professional photography to capture your nicely staged home. We’ll format these images for various marketing platforms and make sure your house makes a ‘picture perfect’ impression online.
  • Viewings: Open houses are a great way to reel in prospective buyers. Deciding on when it’s best to host them can play a big role in getting your house sold quickly.
  • Exposure: Getting the right exposure is everything. A solid marketing plan will ensure your house is well promoted – from its listing description to how it is marketed across various channels. When working with a REALTOR® at McGarr Realty, your home will be represented in print and on digital and social media platforms to ensure it reaches as many potential buyers as possible.

With a financial and market analysis complete, along with an effective marketing plan, the McGarr Realty team will be well on our way to successfully selling your home!

With nearly 30 years of selling homes, come see why McGarr Realty is the only way to go if you want the best experience when selling in St. Catharines and Niagara.


Give us a chance to turn that “For Sale” sign to “SOLD”!

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