The real estate market in St. Catharines and Niagara is officially embarking on its busy season, and that means the team members at McGarr Realty are constantly on the go.

While planning family events during the summer can be tricky, given the hectic nature of the season’s real estate market, we all feel the importance of getting out and about to enjoy all that our region has to offer – even if it’s just walking the dog on a local trail or taking in some live music at a local (and licensed!) patio.

We’re sure you’ve heard before how good it is for us as individuals to let loose and enjoy life. Letting go and having fun is a stress-busting activity for kids and adults alike!

As we love to tell out-of-towners who are looking to buy a home in St. Catharines or elsewhere in the region, Niagara in the summertime offers so much more than just a convenient border crossing or access to world-class entertainment and education. It’s also great for families of all ages!

Some of our McGarr Realty team’s favourite activities with our families include the basics: skateboarding at a local skate park, catching some River Lions basketball at the Meridian Centre, enjoying some fries at MJ’s, or heading over to one of our great beaches to swim, tan, or play in the sand.

Niagara offers much more in the way of fun and entertainment, though. There are activities we can list that are sure to offer something for everyone, from weekend visitors to locals on a budget. Here are a few more suggestions of things to do in Niagara this summer:

  • Take a weekend trip to a local Farmers Market to see what’s in season. Niagara Region offers a list of markets in each municipality, with their days and times of operation. Go hungry: Our Farmers Markets are well-known for offering up good eats!
  • Grab a folding chair or a great blanket and head on over to beautiful Montebello Park in downtown St. Catharines for the evening. The Summer Concert Series is a hallmark summer event. You can look forward to tributes to some of the greats like Johnny Cash & The Tragically Hip.
  • After enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants on St. Paul St. in St. Catharines you can walk over to the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre and enjoy award winning theatre. Norm Foster’s newest production will be wonderful, no doubt.

Check out those other municipalities

So close to you, there are beautiful towns and cities in Niagara, with unique histories and beautiful views, from pretty agricultural surroundings, to downtowns filled with architectural delights. Try planning a short walking tour in another town, and for fun, combine it with a sweet treat for everyone.

Our McGarr Realty team loves stopping at Beechwood Donuts in St. Catharines, or at The Pie Guys Bakery & Cafe in Port Colborne. But really, all you have to do to find a “treat” while visiting another part of Niagara is to ask a local! If a place is local-approved, you can be pretty sure it’s going to be good!

There are websites to check for special events in your area, beginning with your municipality’s events calendar. Move on to your local newspaper’s events calendar, your local radio station’s website, and check in with your local library branch, too.

Websites our Realtors® often check out include:

There are probably some really great sites we have missed listing here! But for families enjoying living in Niagara, the important thing isn’t that you go together to every single event – it’s that you spend quality time together, doing the things you love, no matter how simple.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to relax and enjoy yourselves. You’re not just having fun; you are making precious memories!

And that, my friends, is what summertime is all about.


Are you and your family ready to come home to Niagara? Our McGarr Realty team can help!

Give our office a call at 905-468-9229 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or 905-687-9229 in St. Catharines. Send us a message via our contact page, HERE.

Let’s get the ball rolling on your summer of family fun!

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