Niagara is built with character.

From its earliest days as a collection of villages, Niagara has slowly morphed into a character-filled, history-oozing region made up of 12 unique municipalities.

At McGarr Realty, we’ve seen some beautiful architecture when it comes to selling and buying homes in St. Catharines and throughout Niagara, but amazing architecture isn’t limited to residential real estate offerings. Niagara is a place that’s full of Canadian history reminders as well as forward thinking impressive architectural feats.

The possibilities for day travel right within Niagara are exciting - you don’t actually need to leave home to see something awesome.

Niagara’s 12 municipalities and the areas beyond are filled with historic markers and buildings, interesting monuments, living history reminders, museums, restored architectural gems, and so much more.

Some of our cities offer neighbourhoods where buildings date to the area’s earliest settlements. Preservation efforts throughout the region allow us to experience the past as it has blended with the future. 

Taking day trips to each municipality offers visitors a chance to get a feel for this community, and learn a bit about its past, too.

In St. Catharines, don’t miss seeing:

  • Lakeside Park Carousel
  • Morningstar Mill
  • First Ontario Performing Arts Centre

In Niagara Falls, try to take in:

  • Toronto Power Generating Station
  • Laura Secord House
  • Fallsview Casino

In Fort Erie, it’s worth the trip to see:

  • Fort Erie Race Track and its buildings
  • Point Abino Lighthouse

A trip to Welland wouldn’t be complete without pausing to see:

  • Welland Canal Second Aqueduct
  • Welland Courthouse

Niagara-on-the-Lake is famous for:

  • Historic Old Town
  • Fort George
  • Brock Monument at Queenston Heights
  • Willowbank School of Restoration Arts National Historic Site

As you pass through the towns and cities that make up Niagara, you can’t help but notice older architectural styles surrounded by newer buildings, older industry and residential properties co-existing peacefully, and older residential neighbourhoods sporting old-growth trees, character-filled homes and wide, expansive lawns.

Occasionally, you’ll see a two-storey farmhouse in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, surrounded by bungalows and townhomes.

The past blends with the future here, and character stands out as Niagara shows its respect for heritage.

Come see what we’re all about! 

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