This week's #McGarrMonday blog comes from Sale Representative Janis Green!



I grew up in the Streetsville community in Mississauga where I started my Real Estate career.  In 1990 my family and I ventured to the Niagara Region. We've settled in north St. Catharines.


Favourite Thing About Niagara:

What I have always loved about Niagara are the walking trails,  where my dog Rey and I go as often as possible.  I will treat myself occasionally to hiking in Niagara Glen, or cycling along the Niagara river above the Falls.  My two grandsons and I make it a point to go to the Butterfly museum occasionally too!


Favourite Quote:

As Vincent Van Gogh said:  If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.


Favourite Real Estate Memory:

A young couple wanted to buy their Aunt's home full of special memories and in a highly sought after area.  They had a link home to sell in a down turn market.   Against all odds, I sold their home.  They bought their Aunt's home and they delivered a huge bouquet of roses to me with smiles on their faces that could light up the sky - a very happy day making their dreams come true!


Favourite Music:

I enjoy just about everything coming from a musical family, but I usually listen to easy, relaxing music. 


Been a Realtor SInce:

For the past 17 years I have been an active full time Realtor with McGarr Real Estate.


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