You have heard it before: “There is no “i” in “team.”

This is especially true at McGarr Realty, where our family of real estate experts work together for families just like yours; giving back to our community through time and services to make Niagara the absolute best it can be.

This time of year, our communities’ needs seem to grow – whether that’s because cold weather is suddenly upon us, or because the holidays are approaching, or a bit of both – you just know that out there, somewhere, somebody needs our help.

There are so many ways to give back!

At McGarr Realty, our team members like to change things up every year, so we get to spread the good cheer to as many organizations as we can that are in need of aid.

In the past, we have collected for local food banks, adopted families through various organizations for gift-giving, spent time volunteering, donated to toy drives, used payroll deductions to benefit local charities, participated in walk-a-thons, donated gently used household goods and clothing to benefit disaster victims, purchased tickets to raffles and charity galas, offered time to mentor students, donated cash to send children to summer camp, and so much more.

This year, we are planning to offer up more of the same, to do as much as we can, so some families’ holidays will be just a bit brighter.

And we are already planning for next year’s philanthropic endeavours!

If you and your company, whether you are in a small business or a very large one, are seeking somewhere to provide aid this winter, look no further than the Niagara Community Information Database, which you can also reach by dialing 2-1-1 or  1-800-263-3695 from any phone.

If you have a minute, visit the link above and see the myriad ways you can help your community, whether it’s through donations of goods or monetary value, or through volunteering your time to help others.

Agencies are broken down into Niagara communities, so search for your municipality and see what’s out there.  There may be some agencies you’ve never heard of, because sometimes, the places where people go for help fly under our radar, especially if we have never needed help ourselves.

This holiday season, our family at McGarr Realty will be leading by example.

Working together, we can do just about anything! 

Let’s go!


If you are seeking assistance readying your home for sale or searching for the perfect Niagara location, the teams at McGarr Realty can help! 

Give our office a call at 905-468-9229 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or 905-687-9229 in St. Catharines. Send us a message via our contact page, HERE.

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