Small business success can give a giant boost to a community’s economy.

When you shop or use services where you live you help other families, just like yours, successfully complete the business of living. And, you know what they say: “What goes around, comes around!” This can mean a lot of things, but at McGarr Realty, we like to think of it as the wheel that drives Niagara’s economy.

For those of us in small businesses, like our teams at McGarr Realty, we love helping our local economy. It’s wonderful to have patrons who are our neighbours, friends, families and our colleagues. Not only does it connect us to our vibrant, busy community – it links us to our municipality, where it’s exciting to be part of the cultural quilt that makes up Niagara.

At McGarr Realty, when we host families from outside Niagara, who are seeking homes here, we always give them a tour that includes stopping at a few small, local businesses – restaurants, wineries, coffee shops and more. We want our guests to understand that our 12 municipalities, tied together under the regional umbrella of Niagara, have more to offer than just a link to the border; a place for entertainment or an outlet mall or two.

Don’t get us wrong: We love visiting our entertainment hot spots, and shopping the outlets, too! They are convenient, and great places to shop for a family’s everyday items. 

However, when we want something unique to give as a gift or for use in our homes, our McGarr Realty team loves visiting the smaller shopping communities that exist in St. Catharines and every other municipality in Niagara.

We are part of an exciting business community that offers everything from health-care services to handyman and contracting services, small-business landscapers, greenhouses and florists, unique or culturally themed restaurants, startup wineries, designer clothing, art, giftware, and the list could go on and on.

There are places like the Craft Artisan Market and Espresso Bar, located at 160 St. Paul Street in St. Catharines. It’s a wonderful place to find the perfect, locally created piece of art or craft item, and at the same time, sip from your choice of a fine selection of espresso drinks.

Need flowers for a wedding, or any special event? Try Bloom & Company in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or Country Garden Floral Boutique in Niagara Falls. 

Are you a lady who needs special clothing for a special event? Check into The Post Office by Shannon Passero. You’ll be taking a trip to Thorold, to 18 Front Street North. It’s the perfect place to find unique fashion for women, designed locally and manufactured in a sustainable way.

Gentlemen in need of special-event wear can take a trip to Niagara Falls, to Caswell’s Fine Menswear, located at 3770 Montrose Road, in the Mount Carmel Centre. From tuxedos, to Tilley hats, to vacation clothing, Caswell’s has the well-dressed gentleman covered.

Want a fantastic meal in a converted bank? Try the Old Bank Bistro and Piano Bar in Fort Erie. Located at 41 Jarvis Street, this really was a bank, but its conversion to restaurant truly adds value to your visit to the town. Call 905-994-9222 to make a reservation; you won’t be sorry!

Dining in Port Colborne? Visit The Smokin’ Buddha for a unique, worldly dining experience, casually served in the causeway of the Old Train Station in the city’s Canal District. Choose from Asian or Mexican-themed dishes; this is casual, world-fusion dining at its best.

Obviously, there are too many small business success stories to list here, but our experts at McGarr Realty suggest taking a look through the member directories of the various Chambers of Commerce located throughout Niagara to find a local source of whatever it is you need:

Chamber members are often small business owners, just like you, and they take advantage of their memberships to both attract business, and help others get a running start at small-business success.

In our opinion, that would be the “coming around” part of “what goes around.” Our Niagara economy’s success is driven by people just like us, at McGarr Realty. 

If that’s you, too, we’re in great company! And thanks for the boost!


McGarr Realty teams are standing by, ready to help potential Niagarans find the perfect home in one of our 12 municipalities, at a price they can afford.

Give our office a call at 905-468-9229 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or 905-687-9229 in St. Catharines. Send us a message via our contact page, HERE.

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