Are you thinking about selling up and looking for a new dream home in Niagara? For buyers, the good news is that home values have fallen slightly over the last year. For sellers, of course...that's not-so-good news. If your home feels a bit stale, have you considered a redesign and renovation? Freshening up your current home just may do the trick and make you fall back in love with the home you have. Consider a few reno options to decide whether staying or selling is your best bet.

Home Renovation Options to Breathe New Life into Your Home

There are countless ways to take an old home—or a boring home—and give it new life. Big projects like kitchen and basement refurbishments pack an impressive punch for homeowners but also increase the total value of the home in case a sale is ultimately in store. You could start with something big, like modernising your kitchen appliances or tearing down that oppressive wall between the kitchen and dining room, or opt for a series of smaller improvements, like painting the interior and changing out mismatched furniture.

Here are few ways to redesign and refresh your house so that it looks like your dream home once again:

  1. Do an Outdoor Reno!

Glum and uninspiring yard space can easily be taken over by kids’ toys, overgrown shrubs and an atmosphere of despair—so why not start there? Even just cleaning up excess stuff from your yard (and house!) can make it look and feel completely different. Is there a crumbling shed out back that can be ripped down? Do it! Make space for clean landscaping, a manicured rose garden and a shaded seating area with a pergola! Garden architecture could be just what your outdoor space needs to become inviting again.

  1. Get Rid of Mismatched & Unloved Furniture

Once upon a time, when you cobbled together a living room set from spare pieces your family and friends donated, you couldn’t afford to have taste. Now, hopefully, your options are a little more numerous! Even with a low budget, you can sell your existing pieces to better finance a set of matching, modern sofas—or an unscarred dining set. Again, it might help to just clear out the room that’s bothering you in order to see how best to put it back together. Minimalism is fine! Don’t overlook the beauty of one gorgeous loveseat and coffee table in favour of three couches, a reclining chair and a set of end tables that look awful together. Clutter says a lot, and none of it is good.

  1. Paint or Paper the Walls

Sometimes a good dose of fresh colour is all you need to turn everything around. Brighten up dark rooms with an old-fashioned whitewash or add character to plain spaces with a sheet or two or wallpaper. You don’t have to use one colour or paper on an entire room—create feature walls and reading nooks with just a few metres of paint or paper. Not only will fresh walls add colour and light, but painting and papering also lets you cover up any old stains and scuffs. Whitewashing old cupboards and cabinets can also be very effective.

  1. Go Big & Rip Up the Kitchen

Nobody wants to spend time in a depressing kitchen, but there’s no way around it! Rip up your disappointing food prep area and start fresh with a new floor, appliances and storage. Kitchen renos aren’t cheap, but they’re sure satisfying! This is your chance to design your space from scratch, bringing in the colours and patterns you love and finding the perfect cabinetry and even dishware to go with it. Go all in and treat yourself.

  1. Add New Lighting Fixtures

This might surprise you, but lighting can make or break any space. Too much yellow glow gets in the way of a productive office space, while harsh white lights in the den can keep you from getting comfortable with snacks and TV. Experiment with lighting colours to find your favourite options and remember that most rooms need more light than you expect. Brightening up your house from the inside out makes it seem bigger, cleaner and more inviting.

Niagara Real Estate Options

Home refreshed and you still want to buy something new? It’s a buyer’s market out there! In March of 2022, the average home price in Niagara was over $800,000—now, it has dropped more than 20 percent. Purchasing now versus a couple of years ago can save you over $160,000! Though this is disappointing if you want to sell your house, the good news is that you won’t face higher costs when looking at homes for sale. Niagara home prices should balance out between a sale and a purchase. In addition, Canada’s mortgage rates are expected to finally steady and drop in the coming year.

This could be the ideal time to find exactly what you’re looking for in a house in beautiful southern Ontario. McGarr Realty’s Ontario real estate professionals are always ready to guide you through your home sale or purchase, so get in touch with us to get started! Your brand-new home could be just around the corner.

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