Autumn is a great time to start checking out Niagara’s new housing developments, and McGarr Realty is happy to show them off!

Our teams at McGarr Realty have introduced homebuyers to new developments in most of Niagara’s 12 municipalities. New builds offer the huge benefit of being customized to an owner’s taste from the get-go. 

When it’s complete, just move in… and that’s that.

But is a new build right for you? With everything, there are pros and cons.

In an older home, most of the settling will have happened, and both minor and major problems may have been addressed. Neighbouring lots will be occupied, and trees and landscaping will be mature or at the least present.

Of course, if there’s something you don’t like in an older home, you can factor renovations into your financing to make the cost of changing a few things easier on the wallet.

Some new homeowners will also plan renovations into the move and won’t close out their old residence until updates to the newly purchased home are complete. Other homebuyers like to move and live in a house for a while before deciding to make changes.

In a new build, you are trusting the developer to finish the home with your customizable options, such as the colours picked for interior and exterior, flooring, cabinet styles in kitchens and bathrooms, and the types of windows and doors ordered. Basic landscaping may be offered, but it will be up to you to create gardens, decks or patios out of your lawn space.

New build homes could also wind up costing more due to customization. On the other hand, an older home may boast a less-costly price tag but require an investment should the new homeowners decide on renovations.

Stuck between two choices? Lay all the costs out on paper and compare. Will it be more cost-effective to purchase the older home and make changes, or will it be easier to purchase a new build and potentially pay less for heating and cooling from Day 1, due to the new home’s up-to-date infrastructure?

As they say at the bakery, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Our McGarr Realty teams think both established and new build homes offer prospective homeowners many choices in terms of customization.

Whether your preference is an existing home or a new build, our Niagara real estate teams can show you a bit of both in the community of your choice throughout St. Catharines and Niagara.

Give us a call today, and let’s start searching!

Reach our staff by calling the McGarr Realty office at 905-468-9229 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or 905-687-9229 in St. Catharines. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact page on our website, HERE.

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