Is “greenspace” on your Niagara real estate wishlist? If not, it should be!

Much like diet and exercise, greenspace has an important role to play in supporting good health. Fortunately, when you live in a naturally beautiful place like Niagara, there are endless options of greenspace to explore. 

Let’s look at the benefits of greenspace, and some areas to check out when considering real estate in Niagara!

Benefits of Greenspace

Greenspace is a popular topic in public health and research right now, and for good reason! Many studies show that places like parks and trails can help us live longer and happier lives. Spending time in these spaces help us to improve our mental health and reduce feelings of anxiety or depression. By being outdoors, we are motivated to be active and get the physical exercise we need. 

Not only do greenspaces lower our stress levels, but they also give us a better quality of life. Urban areas with parks and green roofs on buildings experience cooler temperatures, improved air quality and reduced pollution. Even as our communities expand, cities are looking closely at how to preserve greenspace in their urban planning efforts. 

Burgoyne Woods Park

One of our favourite Niagara greenspaces is Burgoyne Woods Park in St. Catharines. This 122-acre urban park is loved for its wooded trails, leash-free dog park and picnic areas. Residents from nearby areas, like Old Glenridge, regularly enjoy this space for walking, jogging, hiking - and even tennis!

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is as lovely as it sounds. The beach is located by the Waterfront Trail in St. Catharines and offers 1,200 feet of shoreline. You can spend the day taking a stroll and searching for sea glass. Or, if you feel like venturing out onto Lake Ontario, there’s a public boat launch available.

Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm

Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm is a fun place to visit if you have little ones with lots of energy. The petting zoo is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while visiting animals. There are nice picnic areas, a playground and a pond to feed the ducks. And if you want to adventure further, you can walk down to Lake Ontario.

Decew Falls 

If you like a challenge, Decew Falls is worth the visit. The area is part of the Bruce Trail and is known for its difficult hiking trails. However, many people also take their dogs there for a walk, while revelling in some of Niagara’s rich history. 

If your dream is to live closer to your favourite greenspace, our McGarr Realty team can show you some of the best that Niagara real estate has to offer!

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