You already know that keeping an eye on the Niagara real estate market is a smart thing to do. McGarr Realty experts know that staying on top of market values and availability often leads to the purchase of a family’s dream home, in their preferred community and neighbourhood.

But in today’s market, you have to be quick about getting that offer in. That’s why it’s good to keep in touch with your real estate expert – so when a listing pops up in your chosen Niagara community, you can get in quickly to see if you and the home in question are a match.

While you are waiting for the perfect listing to appear, it’s fun – and educational – to peruse the market, in your own and other communities, dreaming about the day when your family puts the new key into the new lock of your new home.

The team at McGarr Realty suggests having some fun with your dream searches, checking out celebrity showcase homes as well as “ordinary” residences in cities and towns around the world.

  • One fun website to visit is Celebrity Real Estate by, which is chock-full of real estate stories involving people in the news.
  • The website for HGTV has a fun real estate section, with news from HGTV shows, helpful moving tips and stories about celebrity showcase homes in Canada.
  • Luxury real estate listings in Canada are also available at, a site for news, listings and posts from market experts, along with photos from showcase properties for sale.
  • Don’t neglect to keep an eye on Niagara’s Multiple Listings Service at, where you’ll find listings for homes from small to very large and everything in between, in all of the region’s 12 municipalities.

Have some fun with your real estate search, keeping a list of things you love and things you absolutely don’t love. Make sure our team of experts at McGarr Realty is aware of your wish list, so we can find you the perfect Niagara home.

Are you ready to start searching? At McGarr Realty, we’re ready to help you go home!
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