As everyone is likely aware of by now, the real estate market in Niagara has had an historic 3 years as all relevant data saw major shifts in one direction or another. From St.Catharines to Fort Erie and all points in between, the market data was unprecedented.

The total number of sales were at record highs while the time it takes to sell (Days on the Market) sunk to all-time lows. Meanwhile, the average sale prices in all corners of the region reached levels that caught most people off guard, REALTORS® included.

For years we have been talking about how under-valued Niagara is in comparison to other municipalities in the Golden Horseshoe but to see the ground swell of activity was quite something.

So, here we are approaching the half-way point of 2018. The difficult part of comparing 2018 to 2017 is that the data in early 2017 was fairly, again, unprecedented.

To get more accurate insight into the LOCAL data, this edition of The McGarr Market Report is looking specifically at the first 4 months of 2018 and comparing it back over the previous 4 years. We have looked at Niagara in general as well as each individual municipality.

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