The phrase “country living” often evokes the following: Fresh air, no noise pollution and definitely no light pollution.

But there must be other benefits, right?

We’ve talked about country living before, but one of our McGarr Realty team members just read a really great article listing the benefits of living outside city limits.

We wanted to share some of those benefits, because they are tips worth looking into if there’s a move in your future.

  • There’s more greenery in the country. This means forested areas; planted farms; native species and more room for anything you want on your own property. More greenery and no industry around you lead to better air quality.
  • There’s a slower pace to country living. This means, that while you may have more outdoor work to do, there’s less stress involved in getting it done. Some scientists, according to the article, believe the city can cause stress and anxiety just from its “crazy, phrenetic” environment. A slower pace benefits the brain and minimizes anxiety.
  • While it can’t be ignored that crime does happen to country residents, according to statistics in the article, it’s less likely that violent crime will occur in rural communities.
  • You may spend more time commuting to another area for work, but you have to weigh the pros and cons. Pro: Ontario has great connecting road systems between rural and urban areas. Con: You may spend more money on gas for your car. Pro: You might be able to take part of your journey to work on the GO train or bus. Pro: Once you get home, you get to enjoy silence, fresh air, and your own home. If you stayed in the city, you might not be able to afford the same kind of home. You might even be living in an expensive rental apartment. Our McGarr team doesn’t think there is a “con” to balance this one!
  • While the city may offer fewer glimpses of wildlife, a rural home puts you smack-dab in the centre of the home of the wild things. Over time, it’s possible to learn to co-exist. Will there be more insects in rural areas? Of course – but you are still bigger than they are, so it’s likely they’ll avoid your presence.
  • A family will benefit from a lower cost of living. Goods and services may cost less in rural areas than they do in urban areas. Groceries tend to be more costly in rural areas, especially fruits and vegetables that are not in season. Our McGarr Realty team spoke with a few former clients who purchased rural homes, and they advised supporting local grocery stores for the most part, but for specialty items or those not readily available locally, shopping the flyers and picking a few things up “in town” on the way home.

During the growing season, our former clients advise going shopping for fresh produce and items from the butcher at local farmers’ markets. Any local will tell you about the can't miss supper markets in Pelham, Port Dalhousie, and Niagara-on-the-Lake as well!

It’s true there are benefits to families from living in the country and also from living in the city. But for families seeking home ownership and a little piece of property, stepping outside the city may offer more choices as to the type of home, its location and the size of the mortgage.

All in all, we think moving to the country is a win-win-situation for any family.

Read the full country living article on HERE

Look for country properties on HERE and enter the name of any town, city, or postal code in the search bar. You’ll be able to scroll through the map once it appears.

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