Summer is often considered the best time for a family to move – the weather is nice, and since school isn’t in session, it gives your young ones plenty of time to warm up to their new environment.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible... Sometimes you must do the unthinkable and buy a house during back-to-school season. And depending on where you relocate, your child may have to switch schools.

This can be especially trying, even for the most resilient child. Thankfully, there are several things you can do as parents to ensure their move during school season is a walk in the park:

Have an open discussion beforehand

Anxiety typically stems from not knowing what to expect. Having an open discussion about the move well in advance allows your child plenty of time to process their feelings.

You can begin the conversation by explaining to them why you’re moving and what they can expect over the next couple of months. Remember to focus on the positive aspects of the move – new adventures, new friends, new neighbourhood, etc. You should also encourage them to ask questions and share what they’re worried about.  

Involve your child in house hunting

Take your child with you to open houses! If this isn’t possible, show them photos of the homes you’re considering and ask for their feedback.

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, let your child design their new room. Take them to pick out paint swatches, a cozy new comforter, and décor to embellish their new space. 

Stay positive throughout the move

Moving is stressful for everyone, including you! There will undoubtedly be times when you’re ready to throw in the towel but try to remain positive.

Children pick up on way more than you think. Often compared to a sponge, kids are constantly absorbing everything that is happening around them so a good attitude can make a world of difference in a high-stress situation like this.

Maintain routine

With all the commotion of your move, your child will be craving some consistency. Do your best to keep up traditions like family dinners and weekend movie nights. You’ll also want to stay on top of daily rituals like bath time and bedtime.

Arrange a send-off

Saying goodbye to friends, classmates and teachers won’t be easy for your child. Arrange a going away party where they can say their “proper goodbyes” before the big move.

Contact new school

If moving to your new home does require your child to switch schools, ensure you contact the new school well beforehand.

Arrange a time when you both can visit to help ease your child’s anxiety. They’ll feel a lot better on the first day if they’re at least a bit comfortable with their new environment.

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