When it comes to lawn care, most of us think of the spring or summer. There’s no doubt that the warm season is a fun time to be outdoors. However, the fall season is one of the best times to begin preparing for the winter thaw!

Especially in the Niagara region real estate market, you’ll find that your home benefits from preparing early for Ontario’s harsh winters and hot summers. Whether you’re in St. Catherines, Welland, Niagara on the Lake or beyond, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can do with your lawn.

Many people don’t realize how much potential they have with their lawn. Amping up your outdoor space by beautifying your lawn does wonderful for your state of mind, opportunity to enjoy your home to the fullest, and your curb appeal. This blog is going to walk you through our 4 best tips for fall lawn care so that you can enjoy the season outside and get your lawn in tip-top shape before the snow sticks.

1. Feed your lawn

Your lawn’s top growth will slow as the roots keep going. It’s important to remember that a good fertilizer now will mean lots of healthy grass later. If you’re using any weed killers, be sure to take a break from those to focus on tending the grass and giving it its best chance to thrive.

2. Repair bare spots

In addition to your lawn feeding, you may want to consider adding seed to encourage deep root systems to develop over the winter. You’ll want to overseed any sparse patches as well. This is especially important in the Niagara area where our winters can be quite intense. Always water newly seeded areas to give them the hydration they need to get to work.

3. Lay Sod

Another method of preparing your lawn for Niagara region’s hot, dry summers and long, cold winters is to lay sod. You’ll want to do this about 4 weeks before the first starts to allow it to take root. This option is usually overlooked, but can support your lawn and help it sprout right up when spring comes around.

4. Cut and trim the weeds

Most of us cut the weeds in spring before the greenery really starts to thrive, but going ahead and pulling those big, stubborn weeds before the snow starts coming down is your secret to springtime success.

Especially when it comes to big weeds, set aside a day in the fall to go out into the garden and tackle this task. You can even combine chores with a weed and feed product to do both at once!

Once you’ve either used your products on the weeds or pulled them up from the root, the winter chill will do the rest, and by the time spring rolls around, you’ll find more space for flowers, foods, and other springtime foliage!

5. Mow the leaves

This one will be a real treat to know. Fallen leaves are one of the best resources we have when it comes to a good lawn! Instead of raking them up, try mowing the leaves when they’re dry.

If you have a mulching mower, you can leave the leaves where they are, or you can add a catcher to use the debris as compost. If you’ve never tried to create your very own compost heap before, now is the perfect time to start!

Whether you’re in the Niagara region or looking into our real estate, McGarr Realty is here to help with your home tips, provide you with top-tier market advice, and support your real estate search throughout Niagara region and beyond! For current listings in the area, visit our website and speak to an advisor today!

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